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Homeland Security

“With honor and integrity, we will safeguard the American people, our homeland, and our values.”

The above statement is the mission of the Department of Homeland Security. Will you help fulfill this mission and safeguard the American people?

What is Homeland Security Management?

A Bachelor of Science degree in Homeland Security Management means that you can combine the elements of law enforcement, infrastructure security, organizational behavior, emergency management, and leadership and intelligence analysis to understand how they work together to provide the most effective Homeland Security possible.

Receive Your Degree from Central Penn

Do you want to receive a bachelor’s degree without committing to a full-time course schedule? As a busy adult working toward your higher education, you can receive your Bachelor of Science degree in Homeland Security Management from either the traditional classroom setting or the comfort of your own home—whatever works best for you.

As a Homeland Security Management student, you will have the opportunity to become immersed in the reality of Homeland Security with our hands-on learning approach to education — an approach that is achieved through interactive lessons, field trips and a collaborative learning environment.

With faculty members who have experience at the federal, state and local law enforcement levels you will learn:

  • Relevant bodies of law
  • Critical incident response
  • Police-community relations
  • How private and public entities interact and prepare for emergencies and related crisis events

In addition to these fundamental concepts of Homeland Security, you will also learn how to communicate effectively within diverse work environments. At Central Penn, our program’s philosophy values the importance of professional and ethical conduct — values you will carry with you throughout your educational journey.

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Once you have passed a government background investigation and obtained government security clearance, you can begin your academic journey in Homeland Security with Central Penn.

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