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Computer Information Systems

Do you ever feel as though your native language consists of algorithms, domain name systems and accumulators?

Embrace the World of Computer Information Systems

If you find yourself fascinated by the language of technology, then computer information systems are just what you need to dive into. An education in computer information systems can expand your knowledge in computer-based systems, processes, components and programs and lead to further education in interesting areas including cyber security, software development or even web game programming.

Develop Your Computer Information Systems Skills at Central Penn

At Central Penn, our Associate in Science degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) is designed to deliver specialized instruction for our students to get a grasp on the foundations of information technology: data modeling, operating systems, programming and network fundamentals.

We offer two different areas of concentration within our CIS program, Applications Development or Networking and Security, so you can tailor your course schedule to better fit your educational and professional goals.

Both of our concentrations allow you to become immersed in the IT world. Our knowledgeable CIS faculty members will assist you as you explore the technology our lab has to offer. With our lab, you can:

  • Learn how to install, maintain, configure and operate Linux
  • Develop your communications skills to become a better computer educator
  • Implement a requirements document within the workplace

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We know continuing your education is a big commitment, but at Central Penn we are committed to you. Jump into the fascinating and growing world of computer information systems with our Associate in Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

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